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You're an adventurer on a quest to find treasures in a really special labyrinth. Special how? Well the walls are moving.

Each turn, you will have to do the following :
  • Rotate as much as you want the piece available in the right corner using the Rotate button
  • Shift the walls of the maze with this extra piece using the buttons on the side of the board
  • Move your player in any accessible piece, grabing one of the needed treasures if possible
(You can click on the piece you are on if you do not want to move, but inserting a new piece is mandatory)

The piece that was thrown out of the board by you will be the piece available to the next player. You cannot immediately reverse the last player's move by returning the extra piece to the position it was just pushed out of.

If the shifting maze pushes out a player's piece, the player is moved to the newly inserted piece at the other side of the board. Moving that piece does not count as a move therefore you will not be able to grab a treasure that way.

Winning: Once you have reached all your goals you must return to the corner position from which you entered the labyrinth, marked by a dot the color of your player. The first player to do that is the winner!

This is what your player will look like : Players
This is all the treasures available : Items
The default rules are the following :

Created by @NoNiMad - Player sprite by 0x72 and items by alexchanyan